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  •  04 Mar 2010 11:58

    Release Notes: Handling of DNS lookup failures and failover of shortcut routes were fixed. Forwarding loop detection for indication messages was added. A minor code cleanup was undertaken.

    •  04 Mar 2010 11:58

      Release Notes: Some bugs from the converstion to libev were fixed. Lock file handling was made non-inherited so that the opennhrp script won't hold it. A problem with traffic indication sending was fixed.

      •  01 Sep 2009 13:53

      Release Notes: A Libev update, fixes for bugs related to local address monitoring, and minor documentation improvements.

      •  18 Jun 2009 11:58

      Release Notes: A custom extension was added to allow dynamic detection of next hop servers. Configurability of multicast traffic handling was improved. Various performance improvements were made all over the code. Most notably, libev is now used internally.

      •  04 May 2009 20:16

        Release Notes: This release fixes the remaining bugs from c-ares integration and the build system rewrite. It has some code clean-ups.

        •  28 Apr 2009 14:33

          Release Notes: Additional safety measures were added to not do bad things in case of an off-NBMA routing loop. Some minor bugs were also fixed.

          •  22 Apr 2009 12:26

            Release Notes: This release fixes (most of) the embarrassing bugs in 0.10 that were introduced from the build system rewrite and c-ares integration.

            •  21 Apr 2009 15:45

              Release Notes: The C-ares library is now used for asynchronous DNS resolution. MTU handling for registration requests was fixed. A busy NHS could get a opennhrp-script zombie flood, so this has been fixed. The code was changed over to use git and a fancier build system.

              •  20 Feb 2009 18:41

              Release Notes: OpenNHRP now reacts properly to public IP changes: it purges all related peer cache entries, flushes the old IP from all local caches, and re-registers if necessary. A false assertion was also removed that could cause the opennhrp acting as NHS to abort under some conditions.

              •  31 Dec 2008 17:38

              Release Notes: This release fixes a bug introduced in 0.9.1 related to PID file writing when running daemonized.


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