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Release Notes: This is the first release in the new "stable" v1.8 series; it terminates the "feature" v1.7 series and deprecates the old "stable" v1.6 series. It represents over a year's worth of development and bugfixes compared to the v1.6 series, although the most notable new feature is MPI-3.0 compliance.

Release Notes: This release is MPI-3.0 conformant, adds an OpenSHMEM implementation (Linux only), adds UDP support and optimizations for usnic BTL, adds a version consistency check during startup, removes the ASYNCHRONOUS keyword from the ignore TKR mpi_f08 module, adds the NFS "infinitely stale" ROMIO fix from upstream, deprecates several mpirun CLI options (e.g., --bycore, --bynode), add svarious PMI2 scalability improvements, and provides multiple fixes for abnormal process termination.

Release Notes: Process affinity is now used by default. Support was provided for all remaining MPI-3 functionality except MPI-3 one-sided semantics: all remaining non-blocking collectives, neighborhood collectives, const and [] array notation, non-blocking communicator duplication, and non-collective communicator creation. SCIF communication support with the Intel Phi was added. New Java MPI bindings were provided. Bugs in the mpi_f08 module were fixed. A newer version of ROMIO is used. Many, many small bugs were fixed across the code base.

Release Notes: Improvements to Torque, SLURM, and CUDA support, various Solaris fixes, full support for MPI 2.2, fixed MPI_IS_THREAD_MAIN behavior, various rank file fixes, fixed iWARP support, and MPI-3 support for MPI_Count and MPI_T control and performance variables. Support for ancient OS X systems was dropped. An obscure pack/unpack datatype bug was fixed. PMI2 support was added.

Release Notes: Many bugs fixed in version 1.6.5 were forwarded-ported. This release integrated MXM STREAM support for MPI_ISEND and MPI_RECV, added PCI device distance mapping, fixed parallel debugger attachment functionality, fixed datatype corruption when combining certain datatypes, added Location Aware Mapping Algorithm (LAMA) for process affinity support, and fixed MPI_STATUS handling in obscure cases.

  •  06 Feb 2014 07:11

Release Notes: A compilation error when --without-memory-manager was specified was fixed along with an XRC compile issue in OpenFabrics support.

Release Notes: This release added much new MPI-3 functionality: matched probe, MPI_TYPE_CREATE_HINDEXED_BLOCK, non-blocking collectives, Fortran '08 bindings, MPI_INFO_ENV, and MPI_GET_LIBRARY_VERSION. Compile-time warning of deprecated functions was enabled. Various performance improvements were made throughout the codebase. MPI_TYPE_CREATE_F90_REAL was fixed. Many MXM and FCA updates were made. The run-time support layer. was revamped. Windows and checkpoint/restart support was dropped. MPI collective performance was improved.

  •  06 Feb 2014 07:10

Release Notes: A number of bugfixes were back-ported, including the MPI_IPROBE output flag, possible MXM MTL data corruption, the contiguous datatype memory check, some MPI datatype engine issues, INI values for Intel Phi and Chelsio T5 devices, and errant "MPI already finalized" messages when calling MPI_FILE_CLOSE.

  •  28 Feb 2013 14:23

Release Notes: Performance improvements over IB, various fixes for Cygwin, rankfiles, and Solaris process binding (including better error messages), updates of MX to 2.0, VT to, and FCA to v3.0+, fixes for --without-hwloc and external libltdl support, updated compiler flags for ARM systems, a fix for a memory leak in one-sided operations, and malloc hooks that are more friendly to IO interposers. Direct launch under SLURM without PMI was restored, and SLURM lib64 support was fixed. MPI datatype and header file issues on OpenBSD were fixed. TYPE_CREATE_F90_REAL and ALLGATHER support in FCA was fixed. The "use mpi" ABI with v1.5/v1.6 series was restored.

  •  31 Oct 2012 21:17

Release Notes: Fixes mpirun --launch-agent behavior when a prefix is specified. Fixes memchecker configury. Fixes spawning from a singleton to multiple hosts when the "add-host" MPI_Info key is used. Adds Mellanox ConnextIB IDs and max inline value. Fixes rankfile when no -np is given. FreeBSD detection improvement. Removal of TCP warnings on Windows. Improved collective algorithm selection for very large messages. Fixes PSM MTL affinity settings. Fixes an issue with MPI_OP_COMMUTATIVE in the mpif.h bindings. Fixes an issue with MPI_SIZEOF when using CHARACTER and LOGICAL types in the MPI module.


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