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Open MPI is a project that originated as the merging of technologies and resources from several other projects (FT- MPI, LA-MPI, LAM/MPI, and PACX-MPI) in order to build the best MPI library available. A completely new MPI-2 compliant implementation, Open MPI offers advantages for system and software vendors, application developers, and computer science researchers. It is easy to use, and runs natively on a wide variety of operating systems, network interconnects, and batch/scheduling systems.

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Release Notes: This is the first release in the new "stable" v1.8 series; it terminates the "feature" v1.7 series and deprecates the old "stable" v1.6 series. It represents over a year's worth of development and bugfixes compared to the v1.6 series, although the most notable new feature is MPI-3.0 compliance.

Release Notes: This release is MPI-3.0 conformant, adds an OpenSHMEM implementation (Linux only), adds UDP support and optimizations for usnic BTL, adds a version consistency check during startup, removes the ASYNCHRONOUS keyword from the ignore TKR mpi_f08 module, adds the NFS "infinitely stale" ROMIO fix from upstream, deprecates several mpirun CLI options (e.g., --bycore, --bynode), add svarious PMI2 scalability improvements, and provides multiple fixes for abnormal process termination.

Release Notes: Process affinity is now used by default. Support was provided for all remaining MPI-3 functionality except MPI-3 one-sided semantics: all remaining non-blocking collectives, neighborhood collectives, const and [] array notation, non-blocking communicator duplication, and non-collective communicator creation. SCIF communication support with the Intel Phi was added. New Java MPI bindings were provided. Bugs in the mpi_f08 module were fixed. A newer version of ROMIO is used. Many, many small bugs were fixed across the code base.

Release Notes: Improvements to Torque, SLURM, and CUDA support, various Solaris fixes, full support for MPI 2.2, fixed MPI_IS_THREAD_MAIN behavior, various rank file fixes, fixed iWARP support, and MPI-3 support for MPI_Count and MPI_T control and performance variables. Support for ancient OS X systems was dropped. An obscure pack/unpack datatype bug was fixed. PMI2 support was added.

Release Notes: Many bugs fixed in version 1.6.5 were forwarded-ported. This release integrated MXM STREAM support for MPI_ISEND and MPI_RECV, added PCI device distance mapping, fixed parallel debugger attachment functionality, fixed datatype corruption when combining certain datatypes, added Location Aware Mapping Algorithm (LAMA) for process affinity support, and fixed MPI_STATUS handling in obscure cases.


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