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Apache OpenMeetings is a multi-language customizable video-conferencing and collaboration system. It supports audio/video and allows you to see the desktop of any participant. It includes a whiteboard, the ability to import a variety of image formats, invitations, a moderation system, backup and language modules, private and public conference rooms, and the ability to record meetings. The project also provides integrations for Asterisk, Jira, Confluence, Moodle, Sakai, and SugarCRM, and connectors for LDAP and ADS.

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  •  25 Jul 2013 12:51

Release Notes: This maintenance release included fixes for around 25 in audio/video, microphone settings, and compatibility with Java JDK 7.

  •  04 Sep 2012 14:36

Release Notes: Instead of conference rooms you can also integrate conference recordings in Moodle. A recording can be any past conference session that you’ve recorded with OpenMeetings. Students can then watch the recording streamed from the server. Additionally teachers, course moderators, and admins can download it. The plugin has been refactored to use REST instead of SOAP calls and removes dependencies on the nuSOAP(GPL) licensed library.

  •  26 Jul 2012 12:41

Release Notes: This version represents a major change and is the first release as a project at the Apache Software Foundation. It improves the UI and makes functional changes in conference rooms as well as installation and upgrade. It also contains a completely new Calendar including timezone handling to manage meetings.

  •  14 Dec 2011 00:57

Release Notes: This release fixes a JAR conflict that leads to startup problems on some machines (javax.persistence.* Exception)

  •  06 Dec 2011 01:23

Release Notes: This is probably the last major release before OpenMeetings will become a project of the Apache Software Foundation. It has over 10 new features. For example, you can use Webcams with multiple resolutions from very small 4:3 to very large 16:9. Polls can also be saved, and poll results are available as pie charts. Another major improvement enables you to mute other microphones one-by-one, and you can give yourself exclusively the microphone and mute everybody else with a single click. Further, you can run OpenMeetings now completely over SSL using HTTPS and RTMPS.


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