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Open Media Library

openmedialibrary is a media library based on OpenGL and OpenAL. It displays media streams such as video with sound using accelerated hardware and true tridimensional capabilities.

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Improvements in the maintenance of this project had leaded in a merger of this project into a multipurpose innovative, creative exciting and amusin...

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Release Notes: Corrects AL_EXT extension checking to compile with "Creative Labs" headers. Corrects C++ checking to compile in C++. Checks for alext.h to finally compile and link to the clabs implementation. The mlplayer demo handles UTF-8 argument input. pkgconfig requires, sample buffer size calculation.

Release Notes: This version adds some inform/query API to integrate with texture rectangles, support for audio extension formats like FLOAT32 and MC (Multi Channel 5.1, 7.1, etc.), bigger/better buffer size on demos, a better mlplayer info HUD, and demo key mapping handling. It also fixes the idUnload API (automatic object unloading code).

Release Notes: This release moves from basic media handling to proved working handling. It improves the mlMedia to mlStream API, quietens ffmpeg av_log for production, adds stream index selection, pixel buffer, and texture rectangle support, makes inform, sync, and frame API refinements, adds a player demo, supports GL_RGBA, uses GL_LINEAR instead of GL_NEAREST for better quality, and improves performance by 10%. It also fixed unneeded swr_set_compensation, a sws_scale issue with ffmpeg 0.11.1 and older, open/close to load/unload the API, and ignoring of *Best* API arguments.

  •  21 Jul 2012 09:50

Release Notes: Basic media handling was implemented.


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