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  •  27 Sep 2008 19:09

Release Notes: The code now ensures that subprocesses don't inherit opened file descriptors from openl2tpd. In some circumstances, sockets would remain open until all spawned processes exited, which lead to some unusual effects. Several problems with the Debian package were fixed to make it ready for upstream submission.

  •  22 Dec 2006 18:10

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in persistent tunnel handling. Previous versions had problems with recreating sessions in persistent tunnels when connected to a Microsoft XP L2TP server. It also fixes tunnel reference count issues when using persistent tunnels, which could leave stale tunnel pointers around, which might have lead to an openl2tpd program exception. Such failures could be induced by deleting a persistent tunnel while it was in certain states. There were also problems deleting persistent tunnels if they had made one or more reconnect attempts. These are also fixed.


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