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OpenJGraph is a Java library to create and manipulate graphs. Its features include directed, undirected, directed-acylic, and weighted graphs, and simple graph algorithms such as graph traversal, minimum spanning tree, and shortest path spanning trees for weighted graphs. The library also has some support for graph drawing, including straight line and orthogonal graph drawing, and for user interaction such as creating and removing a vertex, creating and removing an edge, dragging a vertex, and changing some of the vertex and edge properties.


Recent releases

  •  02 Mar 2003 00:08

    Release Notes: A new GraphListener interface for being notified of (and optionally preventing) changes to the graph, new JUnit test classes, a new LabeledGraphComponent interface to handle labeling of vertices and edges, a new class for drawing trees in a radial layout, and fixes to work with JDK 1.4.


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