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OpenInteract is an extensible Web application server written in pure Perl. It includes a robust system of components, object-oriented data access, a consistent security scheme for both tasks and data objects, a simple user and group management system, and a convenient packaging system that makes it easy to distribute custom applications, amongst other things. It is stable, and runs out of the box on five different databases.

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Release Notes: This release includes many documentation updates, including a full package development tutorial. Actions now support messaging to the view, which supports error-aware input fields. The API for management tasks has been modified to make discovering and adding tasks easier. Many other assorted improvements and fixes were made throughout the system.

Release Notes: This release includes a handful of fairly small enhancements, including the ability to force everyone to login before seeing any part of the site. HTTP redirects (vs. using META tags in HTML) are also supported, and under certain circumstances we now force the Apache child into a premature death.

Release Notes: Many documentation updates were made. The logging system was totally revamped using log4perl. multiple content generators, content filters, and a host of other features are now supported. Fixes and improvements were made.

Release Notes: The 1.x codebase was rewritten to focus on code simplification, enhanced functionality, and easier development and application management. It now has the ability to run under multiple Web environments, to be deployed under different URL-spaces, to use different content generators, and much more.

  •  07 Apr 2003 18:49

Release Notes: URLs created from templates should now use the proper parameter separator. ID calls throughout should be in scalar context where necessary. Module dependencies should be properly configured now. Several other minor fixes have been made.

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07 May 2003 20:41 lachoy

Re: slow

> application interface seems pretty slow
> and kind of makes one leary at the idea
> of designing products around it.

That's odd, because a major company in Germany uses OpenInteract for an intranet site hit by thousands of people. They're pleased as punch. And the only thing constraining the speed of the installation on my site is the crummy upstream bandwidth :-)

Maybe if you had some more specific complaints we could work through them to make it better for everyone.

13 Aug 2002 11:12 mmlenz

application interface seems pretty slow and kind of makes one leary at the idea of designing products around it.


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