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OpenIM is a Java implementation of a Jabber server. It is a complete rewrite of the Jaba Server project, and it supports the Jabber server to server communication protocol. It also supports Presence, Message, and Roster. Persistent storage is done in an XML file using XStream lib. It has been tested successfully with many clients such as Exodus, Rhymbox, GAIM, Psi, Greenthumb, and the Kopete.


Recent releases

  •  18 Apr 2004 23:52

    Release Notes: Nothing has changed since 1.2.1RC1. This version contains all Pra patches and should increase server stability. It also contains a FlashStreams handler. It fixes issue 7 (Pra patch). The encoding of the roster list is now configurable. There is better connection/disconnecting handling (Pra patch). FlashStreams should be used with the flash client (Pra patch).

    •  11 Jan 2004 13:20

      Release Notes: Be warned that this version changes the users-manager storage file format, and cannot be used as an upgrade of version 1.1.2. The new users manager should still work, but a full upgrade is recommended, as the new file format uses a clear text XML file. Apache Avalon Merlin 3.2 is now required. This version also fixes some bugs, and provides more reliable S2S socket usage. An XML file format is now used for data storage (using XStream lib).

      •  08 Dec 2003 16:12

        Release Notes: This new version supports basic iq:browse, iq:search, and iq:oob (local file transfer) features. Small bugs have been fixed in the iq:private support, especially when using exodus. Storage features have been split from core server code, to be provided as an external module and to allow custom developer implementations. LDAP user management is also now included in the main distribution. The search feature supports wildcards or regexp queries. User login names are now lowercase (or case insensitive) by default.

        •  31 Oct 2003 12:00

          Release Notes: This version focuses on bugfixes and code refactoring to produce a better component structure. The S2S protocol is now stable and reliable. Many clients have been tested, and have helped to enhance client server support. Roster subscription has been seriously improved.

          •  12 Oct 2003 21:27

            Release Notes: Strong refactoring of all S2S connection/dialback protocol implementations, and there is now a clean and reliable code base. There are many bugfixes in the subscription protocol. There are specific Exodus fixes in VCARD lower/uppercase XML syntax, better Exodus support with autoregister support, and unregister support (the user must be logged in). Binary distribution is provided via an "Apache Avalon Merlin" network install.

            Recent comments

            24 May 2002 09:00 rgrunder

            Currently not usable
            i tried the alpha version 0.6 of jaba, here's my
            summary on the current status of this project:

            - i got trouble when using the suggested database HSQLDB (upon execution of the first prepared statement (checks if user is in user db), the code
            hangs, the call never returns. this is probably a problem of the jdbc driver of HSQLDB). the same query on the db is working...

            - documentation on installation and preparation is missing (e.g. i had to manually add some tables in the db, before using the jaba server... this is not documented)

            - using mySQL as db, the stuff works

            - currently missing features on the jaba server:
            - JUD (User Search missing)
            - Dynamically adding new users is not possible
            -> you have to add users "manually in the db"
            - No encryption
            - No TC (Text Conference)

            for me, the most missing feature is dynamically adding new users.

            if you want to run your own jabber server, i suggest to go for and use the jabberD (C-implementation) server (at least for now...)

            keep in mind that this project is still alpha. maybe the java server will soon get more powerful...


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