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Release Notes: This release contains many bugfixes and some small feature enhancements. Many fixes were made to the HPI Shell, and fixes were also made to the OpenHPI Daemon, base library, and to the HP c-Class, HP ProLiant, IPMI Direct, and SNMP Client plug-ins. Enhancements were made to several of the plug-ins and the build system.

Release Notes: Important enhancements and many bugfixes were made in the HP c-Class plugin. Build fixes were made in the RTAS plugin. Number size checks were improved in cross-compilation builds. An obscure bug in the daemon that affected the IPMI plugin when it didn't find the shelf manager initially was fixed. A persistent DAT issue with blank alarms was fixed.

Release Notes: An HP BladeSystem c-Class plugin was added. This creates a separate SSL support library for future modularity among plugins. SSL library initialization was added to HPI initializaion. This allows you to connect to multiple daemons from one client. The client library sees each daemon as a domain. This is in a beta state right now. Quite a few bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: A new iLO2 RIBCL plug-in for managing HP ProLiant Rack Mount servers and enhancements to hpi_shell including a command to reopen a session and to show a single inventory area. All HPI clients now report proper OpenHPI and SAF HPI version numbers to aid debugging of problems.

Release Notes: New APIs that were implemented in the last release are now callable in the daemon. A saHpiDimiInfoGet() base implementation was added. PICMG was added to the list of known manufacturers recognized by oh_decode_manufacturerid(). A macro for calling the plugin ABI was created. This will help eliminate the redefining of ABI functions before using them. saHpiControlSet was adjusted for handling INVALID_REQUEST. A fan analog control was added to the simulator plugin for testing hpifan.

Release Notes: This release is the first to contain and use the new HPI B.02.01 header file. It contains the following new APIs: saHpiResourceLoadIdGet, saHpiResourceLoadIdSet, saHpiGetIdByEntityPath, saHpiGetChildEntityPath, saHpiResourceFailedRemove, saHpiEventLogCapabilitiesGet, saHpiIdrFieldAddById, and saHpiIdrAreaAddById. Users can now configure the default domain by using domain id 0 in the config file. The new APIs are still in beta and only available in non-daemon mode (--disable-daemon during configure).

Release Notes: Return code changes have been adapted from HPI B2 and HPI Alarms. Using the sensor enables change events to detect proper alarm removals. Man page documentation has been added for the OpenHPI daemon (openhpid) and BladeCenter plugin. Resource firmware inventory data has been added as Product Info. A bug has been fixed to prevent discovery from running on a failed plugin.

Release Notes: This release adds new IPMI and BladeCenter plugin features, a couple of useful library public functions, improvements to BladeCenter BCHT support, and oHpi public functions (as an aid to associate resources from different plugins). It makes IPMIDirect's LED and fan ATCA support compliant with the HPI-ATCA mapping specification,

Release Notes: Plugin lines have been removed from openhpi.conf. Events are unblocked during discovery. Support has been added for the for HS21 blade threshold event format. Support has been added for BladeCenter BCHT.

Release Notes: Event reporting was enhanced. The mechanism used by plugins to report events has been simplified to promote compliant event reporting and to avoid assimilating resources before all of their RDRs are known to the HPI instance. Event injection was enhanced. Linux queues were the previous method used, but this had problems, one of them being ease of use. An extra API was added to oHpi.h which any plugin can implement, therefore making event injection easier and extensible to all plugins, not just the simulator. This allows injection of an event into a specific plugin through one function call.


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