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  •  25 Feb 2005 23:02

Release Notes: In order to resolve threading issues, the event loop was reworked and improved, the Blade Center plugin was made completely thread safe, and the SNMP utility wrappers now use the net-snmp thread safe model.

Release Notes: This is the first stable release supporting the HPI B.01.01 spec. It has improved library configuration, hotswap support, resource event log and domain alarm table support, a persistent domain event log, a dynamic plugin load/unload interface, an IPMI plugin with support for IPMI 1.0 and 1.5, a BladeCenter plugin (RSA and SNMP_BC), command line utilities exercising the HPI interfaces, and an HPI Shell command line utility providing a single client for HPI interfaces.

  •  06 Dec 2004 02:51

Release Notes: This release included overall beta state support for the HPI B spec, HPI clients that were ported to support the HPI B spec, a beta implementation of Alarm SA_APIs, a merge of the SNMP RSA plugin into the SNMP Blade Center plugin by sharing common code, numerous bugfixes in the library and the IPMI, BladeCenter/RSA, and Dummy plugins.

Release Notes: More unit tests have been added and numerous bugs have been fixed. There is an improved dynamic configuration interface, with no need to open a session with saHpiSessionOpen. The library has much better self-initialization logic to handle this. Resource presence table utilities are updated. Correct handling of instrument id numbers in sensor RDRs according to the HPI B spec. This goes to enforce the limitations on the sensor instrument id numbers because of reserved id ranges in the new spec.

Release Notes: This release supports the HPI B.01.01 spec. The major new feature of a dynamic configure interface was included. This allows client applications to load plugins dynamically during run time, as well as open and close hardware connections (handlers) on demand. This interface is still evolving. Five plugins are functioning with the new interfaces (dummy, ipmi, sysfs, watchdog, and snmp_bc), and some of the clients have been ported.

Release Notes: Support for the HPI B.01.01 interface: As this is not compatible with HPI A.01.01, applications will need to be ported to HPI B in order to work with future versions of OpenHPI. Threaded Mode: setting OPENHPI_THREADED=YES in the environment before launching an application will create an event thread, which will monitor handlers for events, providing a more real-time access to them. Full Event Storage: any event or eventlog entry now has any associated Resource or RDRs stored with it as well.

  •  02 Aug 2004 10:59

Release Notes: This release supports HPI A.1.1 in its entirety. It includes support for many types of hardware, including IPMI enabled and IBM BladeCenter. Sample applications are included.

Release Notes: Net-SNMP 5.1 can now be used for SNMP based plugins. OpenIPMI was migrated to 1.3.8, and includes ATCA logic. Multiple instances of the IPMI plugin are supported. Blade Center (Enterprise & Telco) support is complete. RSA support is complete. Lots of bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: This release adds a Core library implementation of many more required functions for HPI 1.0, clean separation between and (helper functions for manipulating SAF HPI data structures), a new HPI client/server daemon, and many plugin enhancements, including ones to IPMI Direct (fast discovery, controls, failsafe rcmp connect), OpenIPMI (Inventory support, event log enhancements), Blade Center (event log enhancements), RSA (a new plugin for IBM Remote Service Adapter, support for resource discovery), and SNMP Client (support for sensor discovery).

Release Notes: Rediscovery mechanisms and System Event Log utilities have been added. IPMI Direct: SEL and FRU support has been added. Resource Rediscovery, Power, and Reset control have been added to Blade Center. Initial control support has been added to OpenIPMI. 195 unit tests have been added to the test framework.


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