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  •  28 Feb 2007 16:19

Release Notes: The daemon will no longer shutdown if no plugins are loaded at startup. Memory leak fixes in the entity path utilities and blade center plugin. Adjustments for daylight savings in the BladeCenter plugin. Fixes to the spec file for older version of RPM and 64-bit platforms. A possible array out of bounds condition has been fixed in the IPMI plugin.

  •  31 Jan 2007 13:50

Release Notes: A greatly improved RPM spec file: 'make rpm' from the source tree won't require root access anymore. RPMs are created per-plugin, isolating specific plugin dependencies. Plugin RPMs are only created depending on configure enable/disable parameters. Tailored to be 64-bit platform friendly. BladeCenter plugin improvements. Better event log time handling. Documentation installation issues have been resolved. README installation and SGML documentation problems have been fixed. Conformance bugs have been fixed. Several HPI conformance bugs discussed on the mailing list were fixed. Many other bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release adds new IPMI and BladeCenter plugin features, a couple of useful library public functions, improvements to BladeCenter BCHT support, and oHpi public functions (as an aid to associate resources from different plugins). It makes IPMIDirect's LED and fan ATCA support compliant with the HPI-ATCA mapping specification,

Release Notes: Configurable HPI domains were enabled through openhpi.conf. IPMIDirect was enhanced with added Alarm LEDs, Watchdogs, and Intel Logic.

Release Notes: Plugin lines have been removed from openhpi.conf. Events are unblocked during discovery. Support has been added for the for HS21 blade threshold event format. Support has been added for BladeCenter BCHT.

Release Notes: Event reporting was enhanced. The mechanism used by plugins to report events has been simplified to promote compliant event reporting and to avoid assimilating resources before all of their RDRs are known to the HPI instance. Event injection was enhanced. Linux queues were the previous method used, but this had problems, one of them being ease of use. An extra API was added to oHpi.h which any plugin can implement, therefore making event injection easier and extensible to all plugins, not just the simulator. This allows injection of an event into a specific plugin through one function call.

  •  22 Sep 2006 17:44

Release Notes: This release underwent intense conformance testing using the SAFTest suite. The result is 2.6.2. Plugins now build correctly whether the daemon is enabled or not. A deadlock issue found in SaHpiEventLogTimeSet has been fixed. The domain event log now properly represents absolute and relative times. The simulator plugin received much improvement during conformance testing. Better support for recording power, timeout, and hotswap state has been added. There are many more bugfixes.

Release Notes: This version places the OpenHPI daemon as the standard way to get HPI data. Highlights are: persistence of the Domain Alarm Table, hot swap management enhancements (more plugin ABIs), daemon enhancements (syslog), and Blade Center plugin improvements (bmc reset control and operational sensors).

  •  13 Jun 2006 18:22

Release Notes: Client programs have been cleaned up. A daemon timeout connection bug has been fixed. Non-threaded mode has been eliminated. There are many fixes in the BladeCenter plugin, general improvements to error checking code, and many other fixes.

  •  05 May 2006 10:33

Release Notes: This release rolls out with SNMPv3-related added features, hotswap improvements, UTF-16 validation support, stronger testing for annunciators, a more sculpted daemon, and several bugs caught and fixed. Blade Center: support for SNMPv3 added parameters, managed hotswap, MM standby support, and targeted discovery enhancing performance. Core library: UTF-16 string validation, annunciator utility bugfixes, and the addition of a hotswap policy cancel ABI. Build system: SNMP wrappers are more selectively built, and better cflag filtering. Daemon: better suited for running in threaded mode. A memory leak has been fixed.


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