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SqlBuilder (OpenHMS)

SqlBuilder is a library that attempts to take the pain out of generating SQL queries within Java programs. It wraps the SQL syntax within very lightweight and easy to use Java objects that follow the "builder" paradigm (similar to StringBuilder). This changes many common SQL syntactical, runtime errors into Java compile-time errors.

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Recent releases

  •  04 Oct 2012 03:14

    Release Notes: This minor feature release added support for arbitrary column type qualifiers (e.g. scale and precision).

    •  11 Jan 2012 05:26

      Release Notes: This is a minor feature release that adds support for adding columns with an "alter table" query and setting column default values.

      •  20 Oct 2011 12:51

        Release Notes: This release focused primarily on adding flexibility in the supported SQL constructs. The relevant SQL constructs now handle Tables with no alias, and DbTable can now be constructed with an explicit alias. SelectQuery addCustomJoin was added to allow for fully customizable join clauses. ComboCondition, UnaryCondition, BinaryCondition, and ComboExpression now all allow custom operators. All Conditions and Expressions now have the option to disable wrapping parentheses.

        •  25 Apr 2011 11:18

          Release Notes: Support for updatable ResultSets was added to the QueryReader utility. Some other minor issues were fixed in the unit tests.

          •  08 Mar 2011 16:36

            Release Notes: This release makes Constraints first class citizens of the dbspec model. It adds ConstraintClause and enhances various constructs to use the improved constraint implementations. It deprecates the simplified constraint support in CreateTableQuery and AlterTableQuery.


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