Version 4.1pl6 of

Release Notes: Debian 3.0 is now supported, and Debian packages are now available. A problem in which the actor wasn't shown in logtabs has been fixed. Deletion is now possible from forms, and form letters now work with PostgreSQL. A bug in session management and a bug with detecting a missing database were fixed. Palm syncing on Linux (nhsc) now works correctly. Mail filters are now supported with Cyrus 2.x.

Other releases

  •  17 Jun 2009 11:47

Release Notes: Memory leaks and logic were fixed. Notes are now supported on company objects. Creation of "fake" enterprise projects can be disabled. zOGI can perform mail notifications on task actions. Account commands no longer require the "staff" table. The "trust" table has been removed.

  •  10 Jun 2007 07:33

Release Notes: This version contains no feature additions to the previous beta versions. It's the first release of with a stable API. A small set of bugs got fixed prior to this release.

  •  28 Aug 2006 13:57

Release Notes: This release fixes many bugs and enhances the XML-RPC server with a few methods. Attendee status changes and add-me/remove-me operations now work properly when one of the attendees is read-protected for the login. The appointment form letter feature supports even more keys. Dial URLs are properly escaped. The FreeBSD port has a few improvements.

Release Notes: This release adds support for 64-bit Linux, and fixes some form letter and WebDAV related bugs. Specfiles for CentOS 4.3, Fedora Core 5, and SuSE 10.1 were added. The FreeBSD packages have been improved.

Release Notes: This release adds several additions. Some highlights include mail templates which are keyed on appointment types, the ability to generate links to open files from the local filesystem, and highly improved WebDAV support. The STLI CTI adaptor was added, and the initial state of the readonly/public flags in the contact editor can now be controlled using defaults. The usual smaller bugfixes were made, for example, in the iCalendar date handling.


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Kobold's Quest 1

An RPG wizard adventuring game.


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A generic library for real-time communications with asynchronous I/O support.