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Release Notes: Windows CE/Mobile platforms are now supported, as well as the usual Linux embedded platforms. GPS tracking support was added for the Windows Mobile Hewlett-Packard hw6945 phone with an embedded GPS receiver.

Release Notes: This version contains a full featured GeoZone/Geofence arrival/departure implementation. It also includes addition protocol change updates.

Release Notes: Java Servlet support for downloading KML-formatted GPS tracking data directly for viewing on Google Earth was added.

Release Notes: Now includes support for extracting events from the 'Device' MySQL table into a file in Google Earth's "kml" (XML) format. This file can then be loaded and viewed in Google Earth.

Release Notes: OpenDMTP Java server is now a full reference implementation of the DMTP protocol, and also supports a MySQL database for GPS event storage. Full support for custom event packet negotiation and connection account is included.

Release Notes: GPS tracking has been tested the Palm Treo 650 smartphone on both the Cingular and Verizon networks. The source code packages have been refactored to allow easy customization for new supported devices.

Release Notes: This release includes J2ME support for GPS tracking on the Palm Treo 650. To collect GPS tracking data, a Java server is available that includes support for Simplex (UDP) communications, as well as custom event packet negotiation.

Release Notes: Now includes a sample serial port server (for BlueTooth communication). The 'parsfile' app now supports the GPX output format.

Release Notes: This release included documentation and support for remotely displaying collected GPS data points on a client browser using Google Maps.

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