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  •  22 Jun 2010 07:58

    Release Notes: Several bugs with the Lua scripting hooks were fixed. More current functionality was added to the "miltertest" tool.

    •  07 Jun 2010 15:02

      Release Notes: This is a major new feature release. Lua is used as a database. LDAP queries are cached. Statistics gathering and reporting were completely reworked. Re-signing improvements were made. Better logging was implemented. The command line was cleaned up. Configuration fixes were made.

      •  18 May 2010 04:30

        Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed. Logic in the filter that prevented the AlwaysAddARHeader feature from working was corrected. There were also some minor improvements to miltertest.

        •  30 Apr 2010 22:19

          Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release, fixing a couple of isolated bugs and a build issue, as well as making the "miltertest" tool more current.

          •  12 Apr 2010 21:49

            Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release, fixing mostly build-related bugs.

            •  05 Mar 2010 20:14

              Release Notes: Support for Lua scripts and support for OpenLDAP, better key management, public key zone generation tool, and a general-purpose milter test utility have been added.

              •  19 Jan 2010 22:25

                Release Notes: Build and bug fixes in the filter. No changes to the library. If you are running the filter, upgrading is recommended.

                •  23 Dec 2009 21:31

                  Release Notes: Minor bugfixes since 1.2.0; mostly build issues. If you have 1.2.0 working already, you don't need to upgrade right away.

                  •  08 Dec 2009 21:09

                    Release Notes: The database code has been re-done so that one can use a comma-separated list, file, Sleepycat DB, or an ODBC/SQL database for lookups on any set of data. Filter can now add multiple signatures when signing. Filters can verify and re-sign messages without computing two hashes for each operation. The library now allows callers access to syntactically invalid signatures. Relaxed header canonicalization and chunk processing in the library have been fixed. The build system now supports pkg-config, both during configuration and installation. Substantial other build system reworking has also been done.

                    •  01 Nov 2009 22:05

                      Release Notes: This is a patch release, fixing some minor problems, adding one new feature (FFR_REDIRECT, redirecting unverified messages to a specific mailbox), and incorporating a number of API and build environment improvements in preparation for future releases.


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