RSS All releases of OpenDedup Virtual NAS Storage Appliance

  •  26 Feb 2013 02:00

    Release Notes: This release adds new features and some bugfixes. New features include Central Muti Node Central Management, the ability to view volume, replication, and host events from the central console, and integration of host-to-host replication of folders using the sdfs replication technology.

    •  23 Jul 2012 21:22

    Release Notes: This release includes iSCSI support for deduplicated volumes and numerous bugfixes.

    •  21 Nov 2011 22:39

      Release Notes: An issue where a volume could not be unmounted after a VMware snapshot was performed has been fixed. The integrated filesystem is now SDFS 1.1.2. Volumes populate in the management user interface that are created/deleted from the command line. Real time performance is now graphed.


      Project Spotlight


      A graphical pwmd client.


      Project Spotlight


      A 3D multiplayer Role Playing Game project.