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Open DC Hub is a version of the hub software for the Direct Connect network that should run on all POSIX-compliant operating systems.

Operating Systems

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  •  07 May 2003 17:55

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which caused a process to try to open the listening sockets when it already had them open (which caused the hub to shut down), a bug that could cause a fake user called "removed user" to enter the userlist, two bugs in network.c which could cause a bad hostname to be set and hublinking to fail, and a couple of bugs related to the $OpForceMove command.

  •  24 Apr 2003 19:38

    Release Notes: Fixes were made for a bug in configure regarding the --enable-switch_user option, a bug that caused the $getip command not to work properly, a bug that could hang the hub when logging in to the administrators port, a bug that could cause the listening process to shut down without having the hub opening up a new one, and a bug that caused the $getreglist command not to work for administrators. Passwords are no longer returned with the $getreglist command.

    •  15 Apr 2003 05:26

    Release Notes: A bug that caused the trailing '|' character not to be sent to scripts in the data_arrival Perl sub was fixed.

    •  14 Apr 2003 10:08

      Release Notes: The way the hub forks was changed. The hub will now always run in at least two processes, where the main process never holds any connected clients. A bug that prevented parts of the $SR command from being sent to scripts was fixed. A couple of userlist related bugs were fixed. The EINTR error is now properly handled wherever it can occur. The Perl sub kicked_user was added. memset() is now used for zeroing memory. The hub now uses poll() instead of select() on systems where it's available.

      •  10 Mar 2003 20:29

      Release Notes: Fixes were made for a bug that could cause script processes to be removed in rare cases, a bug that displayed the wrong messages when removing entries from the banlist/nickbanlist/allowlist in chat, a memory leak in the odch::get_description function, a bug that made the !gethost/!getip commands not work for Op:s in chat, and a bug that sent an erroneous minimum share size in the message that tells a user if the users share is to small. New Perl script functions odch::get_email(), odch::add_nickban_entry(), and odch::remove_nickban_entry() were also added.

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      21 Aug 2003 10:50 Zabb

      Re: New Hub
      Hi ... When you will make suport for slots .. like .. min share to have min slots ... and where can i find some bot scripts for opendchub????

      22 Jul 2003 18:44 XboSS

      New Hub
      new hub:

      03 Jun 2003 08:56 kalli Thumbs up

      version 0.7.3 of Open DC Hub.
      i was wondering iff you guys are gona come with a windows version of Open DC Hub.


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