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The OpenDBX libraries provide a unified and consistent API for software developers to different database management systems. The C and C++ libraries aim to implement access to the native database interfaces efficiently via a thin abstraction layer. They consist of a basic set of functions that are part of all vendor database libraries and can be extended by additional function blocks. Currently, Firebird/Interbase, MS SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite 2 and 3, and Sybase ASE are supported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Apr 2010 20:58

    Release Notes: The reference counting for objects in libopendbxplus was wrong and could cause segfaults as well as a wild pointer in the Oracle backend. The ODBC backend used connection attributes not available on Windows platforms, which are removed now. An incorrect severity level in the MS SQL backend was fixed. If an error due to an invalid handle occurred, the corresponding error message wasn't returned. Furthermore, the RPM spec file was adapted to the OpenSUSE build service and now supports building more backends by default on supported distributions.

    •  15 Dec 2009 06:52

      Release Notes: The package name was changed to libopendbx to ease creation of distribution packages. Symbol versioning and versioned support files were added, which makes it fully compatible to Debian policy. A function for testing a field value for NULL and a new error code for calling odbx_query() without fetching the results first were implemented. Some internal functions and regression tests were improved and the library now contains logging facilities for debug output. The ODBC backend now works on Windows and minor bugs were fixed in the MS SQL and Oracle backends as well as in the library.

      •  02 Oct 2009 08:35

        Release Notes: Some bugs in the MySQL backend have been fixed. These bugs came up during testing with SqueakDBX, the Smalltalk wrapper around the OpenDBX library. Also, the sqlite3 backend used an uninitialized variable and both bugs were able to cause a segfault in certain conditions. Several fixes to the RPM spec file were applied. The release also contains two changes, one in the behavior of the MySQL backend, which streamlines it to the behavior of other backends, and the other one makes it possible to connect to MySQL servers older than 4.1.

        •  02 Sep 2009 22:13

          Release Notes: This release fixes the problem of lost statement when using the SQLite3 backend and an error or a timeout occurred. The Win32 platform code also received major improvements and is now able to build working Firebird and MySQL backends. The PostgreSQL and Oracle backend code was extended to provide the same features as the backends build on POSIX platforms. Additionally, the spec file for building RPMs was updated to fix several issues on x86_64 and different distributions. Many binary RPMs of the OpenDBX library are now built via the OpenSUSE build service and are available in the download section.

          •  07 Aug 2009 11:48

            Release Notes: This is another small bugfix release for the current stable series. It adds a workaround for easier compilation of the MySQL backend and fixes an error when building a singlelib version (both problems only occurred on Windows platforms). It enhances the error handling of the Sqlite3 backend and fixes a small warning in the Firebird backend.


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