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OPeNDAP is a client/server system for making local data accessible to remote locations without regard to the local or remote storage format, architecture, or environment.

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Release Notes: This release adds major updates to the OLFS and HDF5 handlers, support for LAMAZ projection data in HDF4, support for output in RDF, XML, FITS, and ISO 19115, a Web administrator interface, and numerous bugfixes.

Release Notes: Handlers for serving data from remote servces, CVS files, classic NetCDF data in NetCDF4 files, and ISO 19115 metadata documents have been added. Assorted bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The THREDDS Catalog Crawler crawls DAP servers that also support THREDDS catalogs (e.g., TDS, Hyrax, and likely others) and automatically builds either EML (Ecological Markup Language) or NCML (Netcdf Markup Language) metadata. In this software, EML is used to describe an entire dataset, while NCML is used to build aggregations (logical datasets that consist of many URLs).

  •  05 Jan 2011 22:34

Release Notes: Provides WCS 1.1 access to DAP datasets served by Hyrax 1.6.2 (or newer).

  •  07 Aug 2010 06:58

Release Notes: This release added NcML support, support for multiple BESes, and the ability to return data inside of a NetCDF file. Many bugs were fixed. All of the handlers were updated. Code speedups were achieved.


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A ncurses-based Jabber client.


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Software that converts data into something meaningful and interpretable.