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  •  11 Mar 2009 18:20

Release Notes: The run loop timer support for Linux has been fixed. The pre-compiled ICU has been updated to v4.0 for Windows builds. There are minor updates to CFRunLoopTimerExample and StringExample examples. David Cotter's CF-Lite project has been merged, including his additional CFTest example. Support for writing binary property lists has been fixed.

  •  11 Feb 2009 18:23

Release Notes: Basic, development-level run loop support for Windows and Linux. Ensures private globals are marked as such on non-Apple GCC compilers. DisplayURL, DNSServiceMetaQuery, CFLocalServer and CFRunLoopTimer examples. Appropriate preprocessor checks for __powerpc__ to handle PowerPC compilers that emit that rather than __ppc__. Windows and Mac OS X build clean-ups. Improved Linux build configuration by respecting '--with' options in preference to the presence of foo-config and, in general, improved behavior in cross-compilation scenarios and in error cases.


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