Version 0.9.0 of OpenCA

Release Notes: This release adds complete initialization through the Web interface, serverside request generation for support of browsers which cannot create requests, support for key generation by the RA (some people want to distribute smartcards directly via their RA), full support for CRRs (certificate-signed requests and the resulting certificates are linked to each other), tested support for Windows 2000 smartcard login, and initial OCSP support.

Other releases

  •  15 Oct 2008 10:25

Release Notes: An #include error in OpenCA.xs that prevented ECDSA from being correctly enabled was fixed. A missing keyword in the ca.conf.template configuration file that caused the RA Operator Certificate request to fail was added. Wrong permissions in binary distributions that prevented the correct import of data among different PKI components were fixed.

  •  13 Oct 2008 00:36

Release Notes: This release has support for the Elliptic Curves (ECDSA) algorithm, improved DSA support, an improved dynamic menu system, new online engines (to automatically issue certificates and CRLs), new automatic email message handling for newly issued certificates and expiration warnings, enhanced compatibility with different Unix systems (e.g. Fedora, CentOS, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, etc.), and a new and simple graphical installer (binary packages).

  •  21 Oct 2006 15:12

Release Notes: The new package build and installation dir mode of the PREFIX/etc directory was fixed. openca-sv and openca-scep were packaged outside the base package (no more C-related modules inside the base package). ocspd is now completely independent from the openca base package. Building of binary packages and installation of packages were fixed.

  •  19 Jan 2006 14:21

Release Notes: Improved UTF-8 support, LDAP authentication support, SCEP Certificate template request, and authenticated requests support.

  •  02 Nov 2005 21:59

Release Notes: Dynamic engine support, a Russian translation for messages, UTF8 support, and bugfixes for timeouts with OpenSSL calls. Policy management on SCEP servers was improved. Other minor bugfixes and documentation updates were made.


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