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  •  14 Mar 2010 09:29

Release Notes: On Linux, support was added for kernels through 2.6.33, and discovery of PAG number from userspace is allowed. Locking was fixed to avoid several oopses. On MacOS, a preferences pane is included and performance in dynroot mode was improved. ZFS caches are handled usefully on Solaris. On all platforms, fixes were made to rx. On fileservers, numerous fixes were made to host tracking, and salvage is not done on a clean shutdown. On all client platforms, support was added for MIT krb5 1.8 via weak crypto API calls and other fixes were made.

  •  23 Sep 2009 08:19

Release Notes: Windows 2000 compatibility was restored. Executables can now be run from \\AFS on Windows 7. The marking of a file server as "down" when the data returned in response to either RXAFS_FetchData64* was fixed. Note that a bug exists on Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 that can prevent access to \\AFS if the IP address changes after boot. On all Unix platforms, a GetDCache kernel panic was fixed. On Linux, aklog -setpag now works with recent kernels and keyrings. AFS login with fast user switching on MacOS was fixed. Several packaging bugs have been corrected.


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