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  •  29 Aug 2009 19:48

Release Notes: A failure to store portions of unaligned writes to the file server was fixed. A failure to store data to file servers lacking large file support was fixed. The cache manager daemon thread is no longer liable to terminate when the machine suspends. Integrated logon (afslogon.dll) was fixed. Cell names longer than 12 characters will no longer be truncated. Non-Kerberos PAM modules were fixed. Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is now supported.

  •  07 Aug 2009 11:07

Release Notes: The performance of the Windows client was optimized and scalability was improved. CellServDB behavior now consistently uses gethostbyame like Windows clients. Callback support was improved for multi-homed servers. Optional experimental support was added for file servers with per-file acl support. Thread safety in libraries was improved. Longer Rx timeouts are automatically configured on Windows. On all platforms, race conditions were corrected. Server logs can use SysV IPC queues. Out-of-tree source builds in Unix were fixed. The Mac OS X installer was improved, and a System Preferences pane was added.

  •  01 Jun 2009 08:58

Release Notes: An MS Hot Fix for Windows Server 2003 SP2 and XP SP3 corrects a deadlock in the SMB redirector. It also adds new functionality that permits the AFS SMB server to be given a longer timeout than normal and a configuration option to allow longer timeouts. Documentation updates and additional documentation were added. The background sync process in the fileserver was updated to avoid a race where a volume would go offline. DragonflyBSD is supported as a userland port. A FreeBSD build problem was fixed. Client locking support on Linux was corrected. Deadlocking during mmap was stopped. Support for OpenBSD 4.5 was added.

  •  07 Apr 2009 08:20

Release Notes: An all Unix platforms (except Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5) security fixes were made for the security advisories OPENAFS-SA-2009-001 and OPENAFS-SA-2009-002. Support for pre-release Linux 2.6.30 kernels was added. On Microsoft Windows the service priority class was increased to "High" to match the priority of system components that are dependent upon the a timely response. SMB error responses avoid returning errors that could confuse the Microsoft SMB redirector into disconnecting the connection to \\AFS.

  •  25 Jan 2009 16:00

Release Notes: afs_config.exe on Windows was fixed. In Linux, a race during file truncation has been corrected. Linux 2.6.29 and MacOS 10.3 (fixed) and OpenBSD 4.4 are supported. The code was fixed to compile on newer OpenSolaris versions. On all client platforms, the userspace AFS library now supports large files when supported by the platform. Reconnection with Disconnected AFS works in more circumstances. On all server platforms, Salvager no longer attempts to recreate headers in the wrong partition. Volumes are properly marked in use on creation. On all platforms, the documentation was updated, and further race conditions in Rx were corrected.

Release Notes: On Windows, the NetIDMgr AFS Provider automated configuration logic was fixed for Kerberos referrals, rename operations are prevented for case insensitive filename matches, and the maximum number of background daemons was increased to 64. FreeBSD v7.1 and amd64 are now supported. On Linux, the generic fh (exportfs API) cache type is now available, and Linux 2.6.28 is now supported. MacOS X 10.3 support was fixed. On Solaris, large partition support was corrected, and a filesystem-agnostic cache is available on Solaris 10 and 11. On all platforms, the disconnected AFS support was updated, the vol-dump tool supports 2GB+ dumps where possible, and libuafs was updated.

  •  11 Nov 2008 04:33

Release Notes: This release fixes a panic caused by corruption of the SMB virtual circuit list (race condition). It fixes a panic caused by receipt of a UTF-16 string that cannot be converted to UTF-8. It adds support for linked cells. and increases the length of the cell and realm names for Network Identity Manager dialogs. Under Linux, there is support for 2.6.28 (except NFS translator modules), and support for using the exportfs API. This release avoids deadlocks when writing back mmapped files larger than the cache, and avoids an oops when doing PAG garbage collection.

  •  08 Oct 2008 23:42

Release Notes: UNICODE support and optimization on Windows. This release prevents a crash that could occur when multiple file/directory change notifications were processed simultaneously. On Mac OS, AFS claims more free space so that Finder will attempt file copies. On Linux, spurious ENOTDIR during fakestat is avoided. An enhanced vldb error checker is included. A double-free is corrected in Rx.

Release Notes: Unicode support was added. A file server lock synchronization error that affected roaming profiles was fixed. VNOVOL error handling was improved, which prevented proper fail over when volumes are moved or removed from a server. Fail over to alternate vl servers if a ubik error is returned. AIX 6 now supported. FreeBSD 7 is now supported. Cache bypass is now supported in Linux. 2.6.x kmod compilation now uses kernel compile options always. Linux through version 2.6.27 is supported. The default is to use namei rather than inode in Solaris 10. In all Unix clients, disconnected AFS now supports read-write mode and volserver now builds correctly.

Release Notes: There are many changes on Windows. On NetBSD, broken sigwait() has been worked around to allow the fileserver to shut down correctly pre NetBSD 5.0. On all platforms, potential corruption of directories during salvage is avoided.


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