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Release Notes: This release provides a number of features to the user interface, including a new convenient panel design and OXtender for Business Mobility update. Additionally, it provides search for categories, and a new icon set for more flexibility. The new iCal behavior generates mail for changed appointments, mapping of internal/external participants, displaying of appointments “on behalf of Creator”, an error message for useless import data, and support for Mail for Exchange 3.x (Nokia) and Windows Phone 7 for the new OXtender for Business Mobility.

Release Notes: This release provides a number of improvements and features to the user interface, including SocialOX improvements, a new convenient folder tree and side bar design, and a new OXtender for Business Mobility version with support for Android 2.1 and 2.2 and HTC devices. Additionally, it supports Java 6.

Release Notes: This release provides a number of improvements to the user interface, including new Social OX usability improvements, a new concept of convenient category assignment, Call History for the VoIP-integration, alternative Folder Navigation Tree, usability improvements, and new feature implementation making the interface more attractive and easier to use. The following features are provided: private appointments at shared calendar, enhanced calendar team view details, invitation mails for publications, subscribe publications direct in the invitation mails, and more.

  •  27 Apr 2010 12:59

    Release Notes: This release consolidates a large number of bug fixes for Open-Xchange Server 6.16 and the OXtender for Mobile Web 1.0.1.

    Release Notes: This release provides various improvements to the user interface including new Social OX connectivity, a new concept of Social Messaging, usability improvements in the calendar, tasks, and permissions, and new features making the interface more attractive. Subscription for the Google calendar was implemented along with new iCal behavior, calendar invitation and confirmation, and initial integration of Voice over IP functionality.

    Release Notes: To improve ease-of use, this release introduces a wizard that eases the setup for new and existing Open-Xchange users. The wizard configures the subscriptions of external mail accounts from Google, GMX,, and many others, along with social and business networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and others, as well as the push synchronization of mobile phones. The complete team calendar view has been redesigned. New online help and manuals are available.

    Release Notes: This version gives users the ability to consolidate any kind of existing webmail accounts into a folder, so they can managed more easily. In addition, users can now integrate and merge their address books from Gmail and Facebook into Open-Xchange. Document folders can be published and documents can be shared with external users without sending large file attachments via email. Contacts and appointments can be imported to private and public folders. Contacts can be exported from private and public folders in the CSV and vCard formats. The functionality of team calendars was improved.

    Release Notes: The AJAX user interface was optimized, with significantly reduced loading times and a much more responsive UI on slow computers and older browsers like IE 6. The user interface has some significant changes, like an improved HTML editor to compose email, and auto-completetion for known email addresses. The permissions now inherit access rights from the parent folder. A graphical admininistration interface is included for easy administration.

    •  23 Oct 2007 02:36

    Release Notes: New multi time zone handling for a more consistent and accurate handling of Time Zone management, optimized recurring appointment handling for better interoperability with MS Outlook, better graphical and textual representation of recurring and whole day appointments, optimized and consistent calendar views which make navigation more intuitive for the user, and new calendar APIs for development.

    Release Notes: This release, available through CVS, adds a major performance increase for the AJAX GUI. Importation and exportation of CSV and iCAL have improved. This release supports more IMAP servers like Courier-IMAP because of some optimizations and bugfixes. The webmailer now supports the Auto-Complete Email Address feature. The server has been optimized to work with MySQL.


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