Version 1.32 of Open DHCP Server

Release Notes: The Windows version can automatically detect network changes. Minor code fixes were made.

Other releases

  •  14 May 2013 09:14

Release Notes: Subnet selection can now be manually configured. The target relay agent can be overridden. The HTTP interface can be restricted. The code was cleaned up.

  •  21 Sep 2011 14:00

Release Notes: Replication operation issues have been fixed.

  •  06 Jun 2011 01:25

Release Notes: DHCP logging has been improved. Interface status detection in Linux has been fixed. The Linux shell script has been improved.

  •  01 Feb 2011 22:15

Release Notes: Cleanup of Option Loading Enhancement of Daemonizing Script (Unix only).

  •  23 Feb 2010 23:27

Release Notes: General code cleanup.


Project Spotlight


A microcontroller assembler.


Project Spotlight


A node.js client for Asterisk Manager Interface.