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OOoTranslit is macro for transliteration of Serbian Cyrilic to Latin and vice-versa in Writer and Calc. Transliteration can be applied to all text in a Writer document or only to selected text. Also, transliteration can be applied to the whole worksheet of a Calc document, or only to text in selected cells.

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  •  26 Feb 2012 13:25

Release Notes: This release fixes the Latin to Cyrillic transliteration in the Calc document.

  •  28 Jan 2010 16:02

Release Notes: This release fixes incorrectly transliterated terms containing keywords "nj" and "dž", such as "konjugacija", "injekcija", "nadživeti", "vanjezičan", and others.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Calc. It has another transliteration script (journalist). It is composed as an autoinstall AddOn for The dialog has been redesigned. Individual icons have been added to toolbar functions. This version is released under the GNU GPLv3.

  •  02 Feb 2007 01:55

Release Notes: Support for CIRSCII (a Cyrillic version of YUSCII) tansliteration was added. The installation guide is available on the main site.

  •  05 Sep 2005 05:00

Release Notes: A routine was added for detecting words with all uppercase letters that contain characters Dž, Lj, and Nj. This routine then transliterates those Cyrillic characters to adequate Latin characters (D, LJ and NJ). For example, DAKANJE, LJULJAŠKA, and ŠETNJA.


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