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Release Notes: This release adds enhanced visuals, improved scripting capabilities, improved performance, and more bugfixes.

Release Notes: Gameplay enhancements include smarter, more aggressive NPCs, simplified autopilot controls, a more accurate target sensitive reticle, and changes to escape pods and hyperspace behavior. All platforms now have full joystick support. The scripting engine was upgraded to the faster spidermonkey/jaegermonkey engine used in Firefox 4 beta 11. The properties and methods available to scripts were increased. The memory usage of various special effects and javascript objects was reduced. New and improved debugging console options were added. The usual array of bug fixes and optimizations were made.

  •  29 Jan 2006 11:52

Release Notes: New and improved equipment. Overhauled collision physics. Ships entering hyperspace now leave temporary witchspace wormholes between systems. Improvements to gameplay including new scripting routines and enhancements to ships' AIs. Better compatibility with the vast range of Oolite Expansion Packs, including cross-compatibility with Oolite on OS X and Oolite-PC. Many more bugfixes and improvements to gameplay.

  •  14 Oct 2005 05:01

Release Notes: Completely new ship models, textures, and explosions were added. Many bugfixes were made, including a race condition that caused crashes on some systems. New features include trumbles, equipment damage, ships that need repair, a hyperspace range meter, the ability to repurchase mission-won equipment for new ships, joystick support, a new Autopackage installer, availability of the options menu in flight, and a much improved AI.


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