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oocommon is a flexible object-oriented PHP engine with database support, sessions, session-based messaging, instant messaging, FTP, POP3, SMTP, a filesystem wrapper, output-buffering, and a growing number of features.


Recent releases

  •  14 Feb 2003 16:06

    Release Notes: Some bugs in the dbconnection object have been fixed. DML Queries (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) no longer return a mysql_error (previous versions did, as any query sent to the query method did a mysql_fetch_assoc()). The show_addform method has been added to create a form similar to show_form, but with blank input fields. The update method has been fixed. This release can be used as an update to oocommon-0.50-ooim-0.1.tar.gz.

    •  11 Feb 2003 13:17

      Release Notes: This release adds support for multiple languages, the ability to make connections to FTP, POP3, and SMTP servers, a filesystem wrapper, a module loader, task queues, and a debugging mode.


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