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03 Jan 2011 21:30 Avatar andreasfrank Thumbs up

Hello again chadwickboggs,
./oobash: line 187: declare: -A: invalid option
looks to me, like a too old bash.
If you do a
the result has to be: "4".
If it is 3 or less - i am sorry - then you can't use the code.


03 Jan 2011 21:16 Avatar andreasfrank Thumbs up

Hello chadwickboggs,
thanks for the feedback. Please do not execute the file, but source it ( try: source oobash-0.34.source )
Then try:
String a teststring

Hope this helps.

03 Jan 2011 18:36 chadwickboggs Thumbs up

$ ./oobash
Sorry, you need a bash version 4...
./oobash: line 183: return: can only `return' from a function or sourced script
./oobash: line 187: declare: -A: invalid option
declare: usage: declare [-afFirtx] [-p] [name[=value] ...]
./oobash: line 4351: syntax error near unexpected token `&'
./oobash: line 4351: ` ";;&'

03 Jan 2011 18:34 chadwickboggs Thumbs up

Currently oobash does not work on OS-X (Snow Leopard 64-bit) for me. If this is true for others, can it be fixed to? Thank you.

23 Dec 2010 14:11 Avatar dlekic Thumbs up


15 Aug 2010 00:14 Avatar andreasfrank Thumbs up

I have to, it 's mine ;-)


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