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Oberon2 is a simple and safe object-oriented language created by N.Wirth, the author of Pascal and Modula2. It is statically strongly typed and has garbage collection. Most of good ideas incorporated in design of Java were in Oberon2 long before. OOC is an open source project to produce a family of optimizing Oberon2 compilers. The compiler with an ANSI C back-end, oo2c, is quite mature, and provides a complete and convenient Oberon2 development environment. It comes with a rather comprehensive standard library, Code Navigator, and an Emacs mode. It is easy to call C functions and libraries from Oberon2.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Dec 2002 12:46

    Release Notes: This version fixes a compiler crash due to the overflow of an internal table. For 64-bit targets, it fixes the layout of type descriptors of array values that are embedded into C code as "static const struct" definitions, the bug that prevents access to module and type names through modules Kernel and Types. It also fixes library modules IntConv and Integers.

    •  07 May 2002 10:06

      Release Notes: The release fixes bugs in the standard library (the Files and Integers modules), and problems with some kinds of constant expressions and symbol files in the compiler.

      •  01 Oct 2001 20:38

        Release Notes: Fixes for several bugs in the compiler and the standard library, and the library module "Files" includes a workaround for a problem in Register() for Windows platforms.

        •  05 Nov 1999 11:54

          Release Notes: First announcement.

          Recent comments

          07 May 2002 17:46 dcolling

          Simula before Oberon
          ... and most of the good ideas in Oberon were in Simula long before. What's your point?


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          Project Spotlight

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