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OO Pinyin Guide

OO Pinyin Guide is a Java extension for OpenOffice 3 or higher. It enables the user to add pinyin transliteration over Chinese characters inside a text document. This tool can be useful for people learning or teaching Chinese, and supports both simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Nov 2010 16:14

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where too big selections would be truncated in the dialog. It fixes an issue when degrouping and regrouping pinyin with texts that contain punctuation. It fixes slow UI update when updating the pinyin part. It has updated to the CEDICT dictionary from 2010-11-23.

    •  28 Aug 2010 04:38

      Release Notes: This versions introduces Java 1.5 compliance and a CEDICT update (2010-08-27), and fixes issues with some punctuation characters.

      •  03 Apr 2010 03:15

        Release Notes: This release includes a Spanish translation. The CEDICT dictionary from 2010-03-29 is used. The last user selected Ruby style entries are now used as the default when the dialog is opened again.

        •  03 Mar 2010 14:37

          Release Notes: The code was updated to use the CEDICT dictionary from 2010-03-02. Rule-based pinyin conversion was added in jpinyinlookup to handle the special cases. A major resource path issue was fixed, which made it unable to find the dictionary files in Windows.

          •  31 Jan 2010 14:07

            Release Notes: A German translation was added. Dialog keyboard shortcuts and tab order were fixed. Keyboard navigation using page-up, page-down, and arrow keys was added. The "Styles" button was added, which pops up the "Styles" list to let the user modify the ruby styles manually.

            Recent comments

            30 Mar 2010 12:14 pvince81

            Actually the current version automatically converts one type of tone sandhi : if you have a case like "bu4 yao4" (??), the result will be "bu2 yao4".
            The other tone sandhi like two times third tone is unchanged, for example "ni3 hao3" (??).

            03 Mar 2010 17:54 Dratman

            Does the pinyin conversion take tone sandhi into account?


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