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bonnie is a classic file system and storage device benchmark. It tests for linear character-based and block-based reads and writes, and the rewrite pattern. It also does a seek test. While other benchmarks do more sophisticated tests, bonnie is a very reliable and portable program that is suitable for basic testing. Optionally, you can test the operations with direct I/O (O_DIRECT on Linux).

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  •  05 Feb 2012 03:43

Release Notes: This release adds some minor updates. There are formatting fixes (e.g., consistent use of MiB/kiB units), some K&R anachronisms have been removed, the manpage has seen an update, and the overflow which prevented a warning (that the RAM is larger than the test file with buffered I/O) on machines with large memory has been fixed.

  •  09 Aug 2003 12:29

Release Notes: Bugfixes for the -o_direct option, and reading only small chunks from disk after seek (1.3 reported too-low numbers for seek performance because of too-large blocks being read).


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