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Release Notes: Some of the new features are a course element that supports IMS Basic LTI interoperability, a wizard that simplifies the creation of OLAT courses, a pluggable QTI 2.1 test engine, and many improved features and components. The installation of OLAT for productive use got significantly easier, since you can download a WAR file to deploy in a Tomcat servlet engine instead of downloading source code.

  •  13 Jun 2008 09:32

Release Notes: This is a major release with a completely new user interface. The table based layout has been reworked to a CSS layout based on YAML. Besides over 260 bugfixes, some features and enhancements were added: portlet configuration, Web 2.a mode for enhanced accessibility, multi window chat, a new wizard component, a plain text editor, customizable user fields, and more.

  •  12 Sep 2007 11:06

Release Notes: This is a major feature release that is a big step towards Web 2.0 and usability. It includes new top navigation, a create groups form within the course editor, better publishing support, a new AJAX-based chat client, the ability to mark forum threads as sticky or important, splitting forum threads, an advanced user, course, and group deletion function, and new wiki-based help. Web 2.0/AJAX mode is now the default mode.

  •  20 Mar 2007 01:44

Release Notes: A new Wiki engine offers a lot more functions, including image thumbnails and footnotes. A new learning resource glossary that can be included into one or several courses was added. The HTML editor now supports internal links to course elements. Accessibility was improved with support for access keys. The SCORM SCORE variable can now be used within learning paths. Tables now offer check boxes for selecting more than one row for executing an action. Many other bugfixes and improvements were made.

  •  20 Oct 2006 01:35

Release Notes: The Wiki building block was added, with support for MediaWiki syntax. Full text searching with document support was added. A calender is available for private, group, or course use. An AJAX-based Web GUI was added for faster user experience. The Task element was enhanced with preview, sample solution, a subscription feature, and more. The Enrollment element was enhanced with waiting list functionality. The Archiving wizard allows simple or customized downloading of results as an Excel sheet. OLAT log-files can be produced in Apache format.

  •  06 Apr 2006 04:52

Release Notes: This release adds a correction workflow for IMS QTI tests, a new course building block 'file discussion', support for legacy learning content using iframes (mathML, frame based stuff, etc.), improvements in the learning resources management, improvements in the use management, and the replacement of the KUPU HTML editor with the TinyMCE HTML editor. Updating is recommended for all users.

  •  28 Sep 2005 09:25

Release Notes: This release has many new features like SCORM 1.2 support, course import and export, shared folder resource, advanced course editor validator, course CSS, kprim test type, forum threadview, a portal like home and a virtual filesystem. Many CSS and layout issues have been cleaned up and the development framework got many extension points that ease the extending of the OLAT LMS.


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