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The Okapi projectís main purpose is to architect a set of building blocks for the creation of larger open source localization and translation tools. But many Okapi components are generic enough to be of interest to the text mining, natural language processing, and text retrieval communities. Okapiís many text filters (HTML, Properties, XML (ITS XPath-based rules), OpenXML, ODF, Regex etc.) provide a straightforward way to access the text of multiple document formats. Its document events and pipeline can be made to integrate with other frameworks such as UIMA, LingPipe, OpenPipeline, OpenNLP, GATE, and Lucene. The advantage of Okapiís text filters is that not only is text extracted, but all non-textual formatting is preserved. It is possible to decompose a document into events, process them via the pipeline, and then rebuild the input document without loss. Structural information can be added to Okapi document events so that tables, lists, links, titles etc. are grouped together and treated as a unit. This is useful when context based on a ďuniversalĒ document structure is needed. The Okapi event model supports user configurable annotations, similar to UIMA, but simpler and more restricted in scope. User can annotate spans of text or add new resources such as translation memory matches, terminology, token types, or part of speech information.

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Recent releases

  •  31 Aug 2009 12:18

    Release Notes: The Okapi Framework is now distributed as two packages: okapi-lib, for developers, which includes all the libraries but not UI parts, and okapi-apps, which includes the same files with the UI parts and several applications such as Rainbow and Ratel. Tikal is a new tool to perform simple localization-related tasks like extraction and merging of different file formats to XLIFF. A new Qt TS filter has been added. A new connector for Translate Toolkit TM has been added.

    •  01 May 2009 12:58

      Release Notes: The first milestone includes a set of filters for XML, HTML, PO, Properties, XLIFF, and other formats as well as Rainbow, a toolbox for performing various localization-related tasks, and Ratel, an editor for segmentation rules.


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