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The Open Gaming System (OGS) is a platform for developing open gaming software. It defines an API and provides a free software implementation of this interface. It is designed to be portable, reusable, and flexible enough for use in any game world or campaign setting including medieval, modern, futuristic, gothic, eastern, and western, as well as the traditional fantasy setting. This distribution contains a software development kit (SDK) for development with C, C++, and Java

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Release Notes: This version adds several new elements such as new cclasses, new creatures, new skills, new feats, new items, and a spell or two, as models for implementing more elements and for testing the core rules. The existing test drivers were rewritten and some test drivers were added for higher-level functions that exposed lots of bugs which have been fixed. There were bugfixes and enhancements to the Core Rules including body parts of creatures for carrying and equipping items. The Boost C++ Library was added, and there is now more API documentation.

Release Notes: This release adds lots of design changes in the new C++ and Java API, not yet integrated back into the C API.

Release Notes: This release contains some Open Gaming licensing changes, coverage of new SRD sections, and additional code required for the 0.1.x release series of DND3E.


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A probabilistic Java toolkit for building search engines.


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Open Tax Solver

Tax preparation software for use in the USA.