Version 0.15.0 of OGLplus

Release Notes: The wrappers for GL objects (Texture, Buffer, Shader, Program, etc.) have been refactored and optimized. Some optimizations have also been made to Vector, Angle, and Array. Submatrix extraction functions have been added to Matrix. Support for subroutine uniforms has been added. A couple of new examples have been added showing OpenGL 4 functionality, such as tessellation and subroutine uniforms.

    Other releases

    •  16 Apr 2014 22:37

      Release Notes: This release brings a new API for object binding, updates in the GL ARB_compatibility, EXT_direct_state_access, and NV_path_rendering extension wrappers, updates in the build system, updated examples showing the new features, and several bugfixes. Several breaking changes were made: the Exposed<Object> class, the Expose function, and the AutoBind<Object> were removed. The Bound<Object> classes and the Bind free function were replaced by the new binding API.

      •  19 Mar 2014 01:36

        Release Notes: This release brings a new advanced example, cloud_trace (a simple cloud raytracer), the Current<Object> and AutoRebind<Object> template classes, new functions in Angle<T>, new syntax sugar operators in Buffer, Texture, and Program, a refactored wrapper for DSA operations on the compatibility GL fixed-function matrix stacks, and an updated build system. Several of the existing examples were updated to show the usage of the new features.

        •  13 Feb 2014 21:09

          Release Notes: The ImageSpec class was added. The ClearImage, InvalidateImage, and Image functions were added to texture. New syntax-sugar operators for more convenient specification on Texture, Buffer, FBO, and RBO attributes were added. ProfileMask and Flags functions and multisampling-related functions were added to Context. Two new examples were added, and some of the existing ones were updated to show the new features. Several bugs were fixed, and the documentation has been updated.

          •  15 Jan 2014 23:44

            Release Notes: The ShaderProgram class and the FramebufferBuffer enumeration were added. The BufferMapAccess enumeration was updated. New functions were added to Framebuffer, Buffer, BufferRawMap, and BufferTypedMap. Wrappers for the glClearBuffer functions were added. A new example harness using Qt5 was added. EGLplus Context and Display classes were updated. Some bugs in the build system were fixed, and several examples were modified to show the new features.

            •  23 Dec 2013 15:36

              Release Notes: Experimental support for OpenGL ES v 3.0 was added. A first example for Android usable with the NDK and GLESv3 was added. The sources were cleaned up and the implementation of some functions was moved to the implement/ directory. The build system was updated, and several bugs were fixed.


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