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Ogle DVD player

Ogle is a real DVD player that supports DVD menus and navigation. It can access CSS-protected DVDs if you have libdvdcss installed, take screen shots, and view movies in fullscreen mode. It handles angles correctly and automatically uses the correct aspect. You can switch subtitles and audio tracks. It runs on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  05 Nov 2003 16:28

Release Notes: This release adds time-search, some other small features, and general bugfixes.

  •  11 Mar 2003 14:31

Release Notes: Alsa audio output fixes, new oglerc-options/features, fullscreen fixes for kwin, HP-UX fixes, and updates to ogle_gui.

  •  25 Feb 2003 03:18

Release Notes: This release implemented multichannel audio output and SPDIF AC3/DTS/PCM output for OSS and ALSA drivers. Cropping and zooming of the video output was added, along with the presentation of title, chapter, time, and DVD volume info. It's also possible to skip forward or backward a specific amount of time, defaulting to 10 seconds. XScreensaver and the internal screensaver are disabled while video is playing. The amount of material printed on standard output was reduced, help for setting the DVD device and features was included, and navigation fixes and support for more DVD features were added.

  •  05 Aug 2002 19:33

Release Notes: MPEG and LPCM audio support, and some fixes to the navigation code and Title / Chapter selection.

  •  30 Jun 2002 16:13

Release Notes: This release has a title/chapter search, some fixes to the navigation code, the ability to default to fullscreen, configurable ALSA device, and a Danish translation.

RSS Recent comments

20 Mar 2003 02:30 ogle

Re: Assertion 'dsi->dsi_gi.zero1 == 0' failed at nav_read.c:205

> After libdvdread has got keys from *.VOB
> and found 1 VTS, the error happened with
> the display:

This is a libdvdread assert, it's should already be fixed in the latest (0.9.4) version. Please upgrade, libdvdread and Ogle.

19 Mar 2003 11:19 VicSiu

Assertion 'dsi->dsi_gi.zero1 == 0' failed at nav_read.c:205
After libdvdread has got keys from *.VOB and found 1 VTS, the error happened with the display:

ogle_nav: nav_read.c:205: navRead_DSI: Assertion 'dsi->dsi_gi.zero1 == 0' failed.

Then it displayed four unknown sigchld messages and terminated four pid's. The last display was 3 statements of removing shmid's and exited.

29 Sep 2002 01:26 jonthorpe

Greatest DVD Player for Linux ever, but....
I do not use any fancy Window Managers on my system (GNOME or KDE) and I am very happy with WindowMaker which only requires GTK+

I use MPlayer for playing videos, but not DVDs.

Ogle is excellent, but I can't get the GUI component to work without GTK+ Would it be difficult to modify the Ogle-gui component to work on computers that have GTK but not GNOME or Glade libraries?


25 Jun 2002 13:49 markjanes Thumbs up

Ogle DVD player- Getting there...
The Ogle DVD player does play DVD's which is more than I can say for any of the other players out there. The packages installed without incident and the player actually played most, if not all, of my DVDs. It has a ways to go before it's a viable alternative to Windows-based DVD software, but it's far closer than anything else I've seen. If your box has a DVD drive it's worth having around.

11 Jun 2002 15:13 gauze

Re: Decent DVD for linux at last ;-)

> All I have to figure now is a reliable
> way to stop my screen blanking every 10
> minutes or so (power saving features)
> till I jog my mouse.


xset s noblank


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