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OggCarton is a free, open source home jukebox system that creates and indexes Ogg Vorbis and MP3 music files. It includes an integrated Web server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 May 2003 13:34

    Release Notes: With this release OggCarton has moved from alpha to beta status. A couple of minor bug fixes are included. In addition, binaries/installers are now available for all supported platforms.

    •  02 May 2003 14:08

      Release Notes: This release adds several user interface enhancements (including the addition of a random play function). With this release, OggCarton is feature-frozen for 1.0. Numerous bugs have been fixed in 0.18 alpha. If you're running an earlier version, you should definitely upgrade.

      •  22 Apr 2003 17:14

        Release Notes: The Web server now supports streaming and remote playlists. The UI has some cosmetic improvements. There are also a few minor bugfixes.

        •  17 Apr 2003 00:51

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          Recent comments

          21 May 2003 06:48 bdexx

          OggCarton goes beta!
          We're getting there, slowly but surely.

          06 May 2003 04:22 manzikki

          Re: Nice and tidy.. but some bugs

          But much less now :) I'd forward the discussion to the
          project's forum:

          02 May 2003 06:14 bdexx

          0.18 alpha release
          With this release OggCarton is feature-frozen for 1.0. Any bugs that turn up will be fixed, but no new features are anticipated.

          23 Apr 2003 17:32 bdexx

          Re: Nice and tidy.. but some bugs

          > Which jpg is it complaining about?

          Hmm... now that I reread this, are you saying that it will serve the jpg when connecting from localhost, but not from a remote machine? That's very curious. I'll look into it.

          23 Apr 2003 17:23 bdexx

          Re: Nice and tidy.. but some bugs

          > Hi, I'm really looking forward to the
          > beta version. The concept looks very
          > good to me and I like the embedded web
          > browser a lot.

          Thanks! I appreciate you trying it out.

          > Some obvious bugs:
          > if you add a file, the program may fail
          > since there is no OggCarton directory in
          > you home directory (it is not created).

          This was puzzling, since I thought the code checked for that. It turns out that there was code to check for the directory (and create it if it's not there) in the ripper portion, but that code never made it into the import function. In other words, this bug will bite you if you try to import files without first having ripped something (or manually created the directory, of course). It's fixed for the next release (probably sometime next week... lots of other things going on right now)

          > If some of the music files are faulty,
          > the program may crash.

          You mean if you try to import a corrupted MP3 or Ogg file? If you don't mind, could you run the program from the command line (ogguirip on Linux or OSX... in Windows go into DOS, change into C:\Program Files\OggCarton (or wherever you installed it) and enter java -jar OggCarton.jar C:\Progra~1\OggCarton) and tell me what error you get when you try to import the file? That will help me track down the bug.

          > The web server does not always manage to
          > communicate with browser connections
          > outside of localhost. For instance, when
          > I tried (I allowed connecting from
          > x.y.z.c) connecting, the web server logs
          > indicated it did not find the jpg file
          > to be served.

          Which jpg is it complaining about? I guess it's possible that one inadvertantly got left out of the release, especially since the web UI has been evolving rapidly. You might be able to snag it out of the CVS tree on the OggCarton SourceForge page and put it in the proper directory (/usr/local/OggCarton for Linux and Mac OSX, C:\Program Files\OggCarton for Windows)

          Thanks again for trying the code, and for providing a useful bug report.


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