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  •  26 Aug 2013 23:35

Release Notes: This release adds a shortcut configuration to dependency inject POJOs. This enables both the complex Managed Object functionality and the simpler POJO functionality. This release also includes many bugfixes.

  •  26 Jun 2013 13:44

    Release Notes: This release provides pluggable extensions for WoOF Templates. This enables extending the functionality of WoOF webpages with pre-built extensions or developer-created extensions. The WoOF Template Extension follows the standard pattern of OfficeFloor plugins.

    •  24 Mar 2013 12:06

    Release Notes: This release provides support for JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON within WoOF. To maintain consistency, sections provided a null bean will not be rendered (similar to ${bean ... $} ).

    •  14 Mar 2013 21:57

    Release Notes: This release provides inheritance of webpages, giving consistency for the Web application. Inheritance of HTML occurs via overriding WoOF template sections. Also inherited is the WoOF template link configuration and secure configuration.

    •  01 Mar 2013 02:42

    Release Notes: This release bugfixes and tutorials on extending OfficeFloor to allow getting involved through the Assist Items.

    Release Notes: This release allows configuring authentication for Web applications. It ties in with dependency injection to only allow methods to be executed if the dependent user is authenticated (triggering a continuation to undertake authentication otherwise).

    •  10 Jan 2013 03:39

    Release Notes: Pages and links can now be configured to use a secure channel (HTTPS). The use of URL continuations has made swapping to a secure channel seamless and transparent to the Web application logic.

    •  02 Jan 2013 23:01

    Release Notes: This release builds on URL continuations to automatically undertake the Post/Redirect/Get pattern to improve Web browser back button usability for Web applications built with WoOF.

    •  08 Dec 2012 13:32

    Release Notes: This release provides the URL path as meta-data on the tasks to decouple the URL continuation path from the task structure. This means that WoOF template URLs have been simplified to the form http://server/<template>[-<link>].woof .

    •  22 Oct 2012 21:32

    Release Notes: This release includes integration within and migration from JEE Application Servers. It provides the necessary functionality for running WoOF within a JEE Servlet Container. It also provides the necessary functionality to safely migrate existing JEE Applications to take advantage of OfficeFloor capabilities.


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