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oFEd is a simple desktop application allowing you to format your text with BBCode text formatting and saving it to a text file. It's useful for people who write long tutorials and posts in forums and hate being logged constantly in the forum while writing. With oFEd you have a fullscreen editor and almost all the features needed to write your tutorial, overview, or other document and post it later when you are ready and want it.

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  •  01 Mar 2010 06:36

Release Notes: An Undo/Redo functionality was added. The MainWindow and Preview Dialog were made bigger to improve working with the application.

  •  28 Feb 2010 18:11

    Release Notes: You can preview the output within an integrated dialog or external browser. In the settings dialog, you can change the display font size and the previewer. Undo/Redo options for the editor have been prepared. There are other minor changes.

    •  27 Feb 2010 22:11

      Release Notes: Unicode writing to files was fixed. With this release, the development will continue with adding new features.

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      01 Mar 2010 10:45 rabidfly

      FYI: OFED is trade marked -

      I am not associated with them. I use their software.


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      A microcontroller assembler.


      Project Spotlight


      An easy to use, but still quite capable firewall for Netfilter/iptables.