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25 Jan 2006 15:49 swix

Re: wasted time
Sorry if you lost time :-( You probably should have tried the version I still use to manage a few hundred zones: 0.3.3a. The latest version was improved by 2 other programmers having some quite specific needs (acl's etc.).

But of course it's quite an old and should be rewritten from scratch, at least to be compatible with php5 :-)

12 Feb 2005 22:36 Breadcrust

wasted time
I decided to give odns a shot and install it. Not knowing that I would spend almost a whole day trying to get it to work only to give up and feel really pissed off. (excust the language but this is how i feel).

DO NOT try odns unless you like wasting time, not actually getting anything done and getting fustrated.


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