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Version 0.13.0 of Oddjob

Release Notes: This release features the introduction of types which change the way variables work to be much more intuitive and useful. It reworks the persistence mechanism to make it simpler to persist a large hierarchy. The examples have been tidied up and commented following feedback that it was difficult to see what was meant to be happening. The problem with icons not displaying when monitoring a remote job has been fixed.

Other releases

  •  15 May 2013 21:51

Release Notes: This release includes an improved For Each Job that supports a parallel run window and the ability to use Oddjob Designer on the nested configuration. Timer and Retry now allow the nextDue property to be set while the timer is running. A Grep Job has been added that can search files or any other input for text or a regular expression. Numerous bugfixes and small enhancements.

  •  12 Sep 2012 21:14

Release Notes: An improved Job Designer and Job Properties. New JMX support. Numerous bugfixes and small enhancements.

  •  27 Jan 2012 21:02

Release Notes: A new JSF AJAX Web frontend replaces the old Struts version. The ability to force a failed job to complete has been added.

  •  25 Oct 2011 21:06

Release Notes: Improved scheduling, more intuitive configuration, and many more examples. Oddjob Explorer now has the ability to open new windows, navigation is easier, and more accelerator keys have been added. A read only role for the JMX client has been introduced, and a JMX server can now use the Platform MBean. Many bugs have been fixed, extra tests have been added, and job documentation improved.

  •  02 May 2011 20:53

    Release Notes: Adoption of the international date standard ISO 8601 for all configurations. An input handler for prompting for user input. An improved Reference Guide including many more examples.


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