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Octaspire Crates!

Octaspire Crates! is a scriptable, skinnable, extensible, and relocatable 3D action puzzle game. All the missions, game entities (or crates), game states, and configuration of the game engine are implemented as plain text Lua-scripts. So, if you know Lua, you can write new game entities, game states, missions, and levels with any text editor, without any special development tools. New skins can be created with any image editor that can save .png images, dropped into a new subdirectory under the resources/textures directory, and changed in the configuration file config.lua. Crates has also its own (simple) implementations for all the different container classes it needs (like vector, string, and so on) to keep the external dependencies fewer.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Mar 2010 16:38

    Release Notes: The NSIS installer script for Windows has been modified.

    •  10 Mar 2010 16:35

      Release Notes: Four new game entities (or crates) have been added: activeenemy.lua, ambushenemy.lua, passiveenemy.lua, and switch.lua. Seven new levels to the tutorial mission have been added: 3 more for enemies and 4 for switches.


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