Version 1.4.2 of OCRKit

Release Notes: Recognized text positioning while the final PDF is created was improved. Vast improvements were made in Unicode support, specifically for Cyrillic. This generally improves third-party PDF viewers' text search and cut and paste behavior.

Other releases

  •  21 Feb 2014 21:26

Release Notes: This release adds support for scripting via commandline arguments, improves processing certain PDF details, as well as OCR accuracy and retaining more filesystem-level metadata, and includes a 64-bit OCR kernel for improved performance.

  •  19 Sep 2013 18:59

Release Notes: This release improves recognition accuracy, multi-core performance, and PDF compression, and adds minor bugfixes.

  •  02 Apr 2013 18:09

Release Notes: This is the first major update, with improved performance on many core systems, improved highly compressed PDFs, and improved recognition accuracy and stability.

  •  16 Feb 2013 01:31

Release Notes: Vastly improved performance on multi-core Macs. This version can easily take advantage of 8 or more CPU cores while processing huge PDF or TIFF files. Improved recognition accuracy and PDF compression.

  •  18 Jun 2012 22:10

Release Notes: This release improves OCR recognition accuracy, speed, and stability, revises text positioning precision in the PDF, PDF compression, stability, and usability, and adds various other improvements and fixes.


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