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Release Notes: Over 600 commits since the previous release. Support for a large number of new sensor, UPS, and PDU devices. Extensive performance improvements to polling and the UI. Expands inventory polling to Brocade and Juniper. Extensive code rewrites to improve maintainability and extendability. Improved duplicate device detection. Rewritten APC support.

Release Notes: The billing poller has been completely rewritten, providing performance an order of magnitude greater by eliminating needless database hits. This release adds additional Netscaler support and many cleanups and improvements.

Release Notes: Improved Netscaler support. Many UI and visual improvements. Some additional OS detection. The ability to change sensor alert levels and disable alerting for individual sensors.

Release Notes: This release adds MySQL Memory tables for storing entity live state data to reduce disk I/O operations and increase the amount of live data available.

Release Notes: This release adds many improvements, including Cisco IP SLA graphing, improvements to graphing subsystems, fixes to the IP-MIB polling, and Poller performance improvements.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Avaya switches and Netscaler load balancers, and general improvements.

Release Notes: This release adds discovery and graphing for Citrix Netscaler devices, including VServer graphing. It adds a new Load Balancer tab. It adds basic WLC support. It adds Cisco ACE support and RServer graphing.

Release Notes: Vastly improved billing code, including new graphs for transfer quotas with per-hour and per-day breakdowns. Improved VLAN tracking support on Cisco. Fixes for many other small bugs and problems.

Release Notes: Poller and discovery flexibility were improved. Improvements and fixes were made to the Web GUI. Support was added for a number of new OSes and devices such as VMWare ESX and Force 10. Support was added for many new services and MIBs such as OSPF, CEF Statistics, and VPN statistics for ASA. Many changes were made to the underlying codebase to make it easier for people to provide patches and add features.

  •  18 Jul 2010 20:55

Release Notes: The project name has changed to Observium. RRDCacheD support has been added. Detection has been added for a large number of new device types: Apple Airport, Axis Camera, Motorola Netopia, APC Switch PDU, Extreme Extremware, Redback, ZyXEL ZyWALL, DELL DRAC, Dell PowerVault, Allied Telesis, Cisco NX-OS, MGE Evolution UPS, HP JetDirect printers, APC STS/ATS, Mikrotic RouterOS, and AKCP SensorProbe3. New collection support has been added for ADSL-LINE-MIB, DISKIO-MIB, and CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB.


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