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Obsequqiuem is a network-based streaming MP3 jukebox that uses RTP/Multicast (RFC 2250) or Icecast to stream the MP3s. The Web interface allows local and remote users to control what music is being streamed by the server, and includes support for browsing the music collection, playlist mangement, multiple channel support, and an automatic music selection mechanism called DJ Random. The package also includes scripts to do one step ripping, encoding, and submission into the database. The server allows remote MP3 check-in/check-out and a supplied script allows downloading a playlist from the server into a Rio player.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Dec 2001 01:41

    Release Notes: Fixes for a number of small problems from the previous release. Some of the database maintenance scripts had not been updated for the XML config file support, and the track caching core was not properly adapted for multiple channel support. Delete playlist and delete dj random functions have been added to the Web interface, and some configuration issues have been resolved.

    •  16 Oct 2001 09:48

      Release Notes: Multiple channel support added (Obs can now send more than one stream at a time). To support the multiple channel features, the Web interface has been changed to give a more intuitive overall feel. Config file has been changed to use XML.

      •  25 Sep 2001 06:35

        Release Notes: New playlist manager, better DJ Random randomizer, better ID3 tag handling, top tracks page, track history page, time display for tracks & playlists, and seach function added since last major version.

        •  14 Sep 2001 07:15

          Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, added a search function for finding artists/albums/tracks, and tracks/playlists now show the duration for each track/playlist. Also added meta no-cache tags to all cgi-scripts for proper Web page refreshing.

          •  19 Jul 2001 08:08

            Release Notes: An improved DJ Random track selection algorithm to ensure that no tracks are played twice before the entire set is played, a new playlist manager to make adding/removing/moving tracks to a playlist easier, a top tracks page and a history page to show the most played tracks and what tracks have played recently, aind fixes for a bunch of configuration issues and a few minor bugs.


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