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  •  13 Nov 2008 05:42

Release Notes: This release displays meeting invitations, location in the main calendar view, and better handling of events conflicts. Performance improvements were made for big user bases (calendar, sync, users). Time ranges were added in time stats. Folder management rights were separated from write rights. Rights by group were added for mailboxes and mailshares. External contacts were added to user groups. The Todo module was rewritten for conformance. Many fixes and enhancements were made in the Calendar, Lead, Project, and Time modules as well as LDAP UID handling, and email global handling. Full Debian packages are now available.

  •  31 Mar 2008 15:14

Release Notes: This release supports login change, with correct mailbox handling. The icalendar import/export has been greatly enhanced. Some calendar ergonomics improvements were made. Organizational charts can now be exported in SVG (require PHP 5). Many fixes and enhancements were made in the update, resource, and other modules.

  •  28 Jan 2008 07:46

Release Notes: User defined rules and functions architecture have been defined. Many improvements were made in calendar display and conflicting event handling. Performance tuning was done in ACL handling. LDIF export was added to the Organizational chart module.

  •  08 Jun 2007 06:00

Release Notes: OBM-LDAP has been improved to allow better Samba PDC handling. Groups' public and private privileges have been separated. The date can now be filled in different formats. Session handling performance has improved. Many fixes and enhancements have been made in the modules Calendar UI, Todo, and import, and for IE display.

  •  27 Apr 2007 01:06

Release Notes: New supplier dashboard views were added in the Invoice module. The payment module is now completed. A new "mailbox" module has been added to share a user's own mailbox. Many OBM-ldap and OBM-Mail improvements were made. Many fixes were made. For example, display preferences are working again and IE 6 and 7 display problems were fixed.

  •  20 Oct 2006 02:05

Release Notes: A lead portlet was added on the home page. Regression tests on the LIst module were added to ease migrations. Contract type, deal type, and status administration were corrected. Many fixes were made on Incident (archives handling), on calendar navigation, and conflict.

  •  20 Jun 2005 08:34

Release Notes: This release adds CRM and Help Desk enhancements with new Contract and Incident module portlets in the homepage, a stats and forecast section in the Deal module, and fixes to the Project, Calendar (with EasyPHP), Company, and Contact modules. The Deal module now allows you to automatically send an email message with Deal updates.

  •  04 Jan 2005 06:28

Release Notes: The time module has been rewritten and now works with Postgres too. Enhancements were made in the list to handle archived contacts and publication information. Enhancements were made in the invoice, such as a new expiration date, auto-formatted comments, and an archive. Enhancements were also made in the Incident modules and in address handling. Bug fixes were made in the Company, Contact, Deal, List, Time, Project, Incident, and admin Preferences modules.

  •  16 Aug 2004 09:17

Release Notes: Many architecture and performance enhancements were made. Postgres support is nearing completion, Privacy handling was added. Search queries can now use the limit clause. Enhancements were made in Contact (Vcard export), Deal (a quick update), List, Todo, Time, and Document. Many fixes were made in the Contact, Deal, Contract, Incident, Project, Time, Invoice, Admin, and CSV export modules.

  •  02 Aug 2004 11:09

Release Notes: Comments are now automatically stamped in Company and Contact modules. Group membership management is possible from the User screen. Fixes and Enhancements were made in the Install, Search, Company, Contact, Deal, List (Mail merge), Contract, User, and Group modules. There is code cleanup in external module calls.


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