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OpenBiblio is an easy to use automated library system containing OPAC, circulation, cataloging, and library administration functionality.

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Release Notes: Predominately a bugfix release, addressing a number of security, compatibility, and i18n problems. Minor feature enhancements have been added, including enhanced reporting functionality, CSV output, links for biblios and members in HTML report results, and 'New Like' functionality that gives the user the ability to create a biblio record based on existing an existing record.

Release Notes: The database tables have been restructured to conform more to the MARC21 object model. Bibliography holds, member late fee and account, member checkout history, reports, and labels have been added.

Release Notes: This release is compatible with PHP 4.2.1 and 4.2.2. Unfortunately, it is no longer backward compatible with PHP 4.1.x (due to session variable changes in PHP 4.2). Internationalization (i18n) has been added to a few pages. This is not complete yet, but the base structure is all there. OPAC functionality has been added. An automatic database table creation feature has been developed. The customizable title image in header was implemented.

Release Notes: There are many new features in this release, including in the Admin Tab, there is now library settings administration, a material types list, a collections list, and a theme editor with 6 sample themes. In the Circulation Tab, the member view now includes stats, and the member checkout now edits on material type checkout limits, and in the Cataloging Tab, the bibliography search now shows icons for each material type.

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24 Nov 2005 09:10 denisjtorresg Thumbs up

Re: Well done
I like your project. I will follow too

10 Sep 2002 14:30 cosoleto Thumbs up

Well done
I follow your project.


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