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  •  05 May 2012 03:07

    Release Notes: Two new features have been integrated in this release: a new chart-flow editor using jsPlumb 1.3.8 that provides a powerful way to connect widgets together in the Web page, and a "Dygraphs" editor that provides a way to implement dynamic charts.

    •  13 Feb 2012 22:57

    Release Notes: This version provides an interface to enable experimental real-time communications in Web browsers using jwebsocket. It also provides XML, JSON, CSS, and Javascript editors to implement and attach widget data and functions.

    •  03 Feb 2011 03:13

      Release Notes: This release takes advantage of new HTLM5 features like the "drag and drop" feature. A draggable object may be a picture coming from other Web browsers or from non-Web applications like Windows Explorer. Some other draggable files like XML or CSV allow you to dynamically update charts, timelines, or DOJO grids edited in your browser. The DOJO editor has been integrated, and allows you to add text in your Web page. The SFTP publisher has been improved, and notifies users when a Web page or a project has been properly published to your Web site provider.

      •  01 Oct 2010 18:52

        Release Notes: This release adds a user-tree modern interface to manage projects, templates, Web pages, and CSS.

        •  27 Jul 2009 01:44

          Release Notes: A chart editor from JFreeChart has been integrated. Pie, bar, and chartLine can be added and updated dynamically in your Web pages. An RSS 0.9, 2.0 reader has been added to grab and display feeds from an OpenBEXI server. New functions for the calendar using Dojo 1.2 have been integrated.

          •  05 Apr 2009 09:38

            Release Notes: The FTP, SFTP, and SSH protocols are supported for publishing Web pages. Dojo 1.2 has been integrated. Grid view and data can be updated dynamically. Title and Meta-Tags can be added to get better ranking from a search engine. Web page templates for small business are available. Templates and themes are available for Simile timeline, Dojo grids, lists, buttons, and FCKeditor texts from the inspector. The Inspector and WYSIWYG interfaces have been improved.

            •  23 Jan 2009 08:58

            Release Notes: This release allows you to generate static Web pages or AJAX applications (forms, grids, timeline, calendar) using FCKeditor, the Dojo library, simile, and more. You can publish your Web pages to any Web sites that support SSH and SFTP. This release comes with an embedded Tomcat server, embedded HSQLDB, and a preconfigured Firefox browser.

            •  03 Sep 2008 04:46

              Release Notes: This release allows you to generate static Web pages or AJAX applications (forms and grids) using FCKeditor, the Dojo 1.1 library, and more.

              •  06 Apr 2008 03:05

                Release Notes: Dojo 1.0 has been integrated into the OPENBEXI HTML Builder client. This version supports Dojo tables from inspector and validation text boxes. The dojo widget can be dynamically created, moved, resized, and linked to any SQL database supporting JDBC from the WYSIWYG OPENBEXI builder. Complex forms can be created without any HTML, CSS, AJAX, or SQL knowledge. This release is compatible with Safari. Major and minor bugs have been fixed.

                Release Notes: FCKeditor 2.5 has been integrated into the OPENBEXI HTML Builder client. This HTML text editor brings a desktop editor like MS Word. The OPENBEXI HTML Builder client comes with OPENBEXI Creative package 2.0 betaR2 (server side), an embedded Tomcat server, embedded Hsqldb, and a preconfigured Firefox browser. This version allows to dynamically publish Web pages to your domain name provider if it supports SSH or SFTP. It supports Hsqldb, MySQL, and Oracle.


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                Vim Outliner

                A full-featured outliner for Vim.


                Project Spotlight


                A GTK-based xmessage clone.